There's nothing you could've done to prevent that from happening.

He, who kicks the pillar that stands on the bridge that leads over the river that flows through the village, in which lives the man, who owns the collar that bestows magical powers that perform miracles, dies.


I do not like Ramesh's living there alone.

He succeeded in spite of all the lifetimes.

He has been taken in good and proper.

I had a feeling that something dreadful was happening.

If Shutoku would eat less, he'd be healthier.

I want to watch television.

Heidi was selfish.


He realized the magnitude of his crime.

We're taking it slow.

Tell Eva you're too busy to help him.


Rainer doesn't seem to be very busy.

You've convinced me.

I talked to Drew on Monday.

I'm single.

It's difficult to translate quotes.

"Cindie lives two houses down from Pravin." "That's pretty close."

Can you imagine walking on the moon?

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Is this your dictionary?

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There have been several new developments in electronics.

Frances bent down and picked up the coin.

Dogs like to piss on fire hydrants.

We waited for Srivatsan, but he didn't come.

Boy is my face red.

Raman spent the afternoon with Cory.

Marvin had never realized how attractive Frank was before.


My success was mainly due to your help.


I am not in the least interested in the story.

She'll give one more carpet to me.

I must get over a loss, and my illness as well.

What's the big deal with Vladislav?

At his final exam, Bob was really put through the wringer; the test covered everything that was in the course.

I thought Travis was your girlfriend.

The leaves of the trees turn yellow in fall.

These gatherings always get rowdy after hours, when the boss breaks out the single-malt scotch.

Today I visited a museum.


Don't you think it's cool?


Nothing will happen to Helge.

How long have you been living on Park Street?

Floyd hates Socorrito.

If there seems to be more to something than meets the eye, there probably is.

He could not help laughing at her jokes.

Trang asked if she could share my bed.

I refrain from drinking.

Don't you think I'm right?

He made do with a bed of grass.

The economy is good.

Your vagina is not going to shrivel up like a prune.

You should turn in.

The labour of the righteous tendeth to life: the fruit of the wicked to sin.


She rides to the black sabbath.

"Christofer will probably be late." "Yes, that's a possibility."

It all started in this place.


Leigh felt he was rejected.

This is from Cindie.

I've already told Lukas that he doesn't need to come here tomorrow.

Winter is right around the corner.

I have to tell her that the phone rang while she was gone.

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Does it sound familiar?


She expressed her thanks for the present.


Fix your room, Louie.

How many soldiers did you see?

Novorolsky told us a good joke.


They're brothers.

By a lie a man throws away and, as it were, annihilates his dignity as a man.

These days, the motive for marriage is not necessarily pure. Take Jennifer for example.


I turned the TV off.

Laurel won't be here next month.

Just who are you anyway?

Susan really takes after her mother.

Ross just laughed at me.

Edith is pleasant to work with.

His behavior, as I remember, was very bad.

If you wouldn't mind, I could use a hand.

He is having lunch.

Lambs are very cute.

Have the lilies been watered?

No one else knows what he's talking about.

He's incredibly talented.

It isn't safe to drive without a seatbelt.

I was aching for a cigarette.


Pria encouraged Izchak to do that.

We shot pheasants by the hundred.

Nanda took something that didn't belong to him.

Ramneek told me you and Earle are planning to get married.

Linley doesn't look very happy today.

In time, you will understand.

She's about my age.

I won't be going with you to Boston.

Really, you are so mean.

The boy put his hand in his pocket.

John is cheerful by nature.

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Do you think you can fix it?

We can't both be right.

The picture on the wall was painted by Picasso.

I don't play any instrument.

He compared his idea with another's.

I'm just surprised.

Has something happened that I should know about?

He was unsure how he would get there, and when.

Your analogy isn't correct.

I must know the truth about her.

Lead is a chemical element symbolised by Pb.


What makes you think Danny will listen to me?

I am better.

He is a student at Harvard.

The two quarreling children sat making faces at each other.

It's a full time job.

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Paola has an evil twin brother.

The refugees' stories are heartbreaking.

Kirsten will help you if you ask.

Let's hook up later for a beer.

Because of his great professional skill, the lawyer has a large number of clients.

Of all the famous baseball players, he stands out as a genius.

Jeffie has no friends to talk to.

Dan has a copy of the police report.

Don't count on Vance.

I never knew Lee could speak French.

I proved the fact on the strength of the data.

This line is parallel to that.

Who's going to check with Erick?

This rule applies to all cases.

In my opinion, you're wrong.


All Chip told me was that he was unhappy.

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She's gone to the stadium.


To all appearance it is true.

Nanda went down to the lobby to meet Bart.

Men believe that discussing problems is a waste of time.

I told Amy it was a bad idea.

Please give my best to the entire family.

When I was in Boston, I ran into Major.

I can't figure out anything.

According to this magazine, my favorite actress will marry a jazz musician next spring.

Hunter was never very good at speaking French.

I've worked hard my entire life.

People want to be understood.

He is proficient in literature.

Stay away from us.


He talks a lot about her father.

She took my hand.

Alain was worried about his friend's recent illness.

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Bacchus has drowned more men than Neptune.


Humour has justly been regarded as the finest perfection of poetic genius.

What does that mean?

Brodie doesn't have a partner.

Why don't you write with the new font?

It didn't do any good.

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I'm running behind schedule.


He was absorbed in the book.


They agreed to work together.


Take your coat. It's cold today.

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He pointed to the tower over there.


He has outlived his fame.

I paid him the money.

I don't want to say anything.


Leave it off.

Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction.

Click on the button to confirm your order.

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I'd like to know who leaked the story to the papers.

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I have been very busy lately.

Cris couldn't face it.

How long have you had this?

I got out of the hospital three days ago.

This is down the street, on the left.